I had a whole slew of labs done last week. They took 7 vials of blood!! I’ve not had that much blood taken at once. Needless to say I was woozy and about it out of it that night and somewhat into the next day.

My results came back and most everything was good. While my TSH was in the normal range it was on the higher end of normal at 3.13. I’ve noticed I tend to feel a bit better between .4 and 1, so my doctor increased my t4 meds from 50mcg to 75mcg. She’s also happy with the dual therapy of T3 and T4, so I’m still taking T3 5mcg x2 per day.

The only real cause for concern was one of my hormone test results came back elevated. She had me go back in (yesterday), and retake the test to confirm if the result was accurate. If it is elevated, then She will need to schedule me for an MRI, to check for the possibility of a small (benign) tumor on the pituitary gland. They are called “prolactinoma”.

If so, perhaps this could explain why my left ovary had to be removed, and why my cortisol levels are elevated, why I get unexplained headaches, and why I recently had to get glasses for vision problems just occurring in the past couple years. It may even explain the weight gain despite my efforts in eating well and exercise.

I’m a little anxious to see whether or not this is the case. I’ll have my results back either Friday or Monday and will know more.

I used Nebs (my lilac British Shorthair) for this post cos he calms me and makes me happy.


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