So after waiting 2 weeks + I finally got my lab results back today. I am a little surprised by my TSH level, and a little concerned about my Free T4. This is the first time in all my testing that my TSH level has been in a decent place in the normal range. I am wondering if the new T3 treatment is contributing to that. I wish though that the way I felt reflected the normal levels. Maybe it will still take time.

Free T4 is low, as you can see – so I am wondering what my Endo will say about that. Will she increase my T4 medication? I did some research today about low Free T4 when your TSH is at a “normal” range and learned it could be related to the pituitary and a possible issue there.

If the T4 level is low and TSH is not elevated, the pituitary gland is more likely to be the cause for the hypothyroidism. Of course, this would drastically effect the treatment since the pituitary gland also regulates the body’s other glands. read more

It’s interesting if so, considering I’ve intuitively been drawn to research revolving around the hypothalamus/pituitary, and found a lot of my symptoms are in alignment with symptoms that indicate disorders in those areas.

I’m a little pleasantly surprised that my Thyroglobulin and Thyroid Perixodase antibodies have come down some. While still in the sky high ranges, they’ve improved quite a bit from my tests in August 2014 – of last year.

  • Thyroglobulin has gone down from 5 to 3.3. (Normal Range 0.0 – 0.9)
  • Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) has gone down from 253 to 209. (Normal Range 0 – 34)

I’d like to think that months of focus on my hormone replacement therapy, elimination dieting/nutrition, and acupuncture with herbs and supplements has played a role in that. I’m also completely aware it could have just caught me on a “good” day.

I wonder if the low T4 is an indicator of the continual fatigue, dizziness, temperature dysregulation, headaches, and general malaise.

Hopefully, I can get in touch with my doctor in the next few days and book an appointment to discuss.


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