The first consistent information I found in my research into Hashi’s was the “elimination” diet. Certain foods trigger the immune system, and create “flare-ups” or inflammation. The first food I eliminated was gluten, because of the gluten-thyroid connection. Gluten contains the protein gliadin.

“To the body, gliadin looks very similar to transglutaminase, an enzyme needed to form chemical bonds throughout the human body. While present in many organs, the thyroid possesses a higher concentration of this enzyme. When the immune system attacks gliadin, the antibodies also attack the thyroid. As the immune response continues, the thyroid suffers damage for up to 6 months after gluten consumption” read more

By eliminating gluten, you are working to minimize flare ups or inflammation of the thyroid, which in turn should minimize symptoms.

I also have eliminated dairy from my diet, and for a while eliminated night shades. I try to eat little grains but I also find it difficult to eliminate them entirely.

I still find that I am very symptomatic despite eliminating gluten and dairy primarily.

The best thing I’ve eliminated so far is caffeine/coffee. This was the worst thing for me to quit. I quit cold turkey, and went through about 2.5 – 3 days of withdrawal symptoms. Primarily, I had a huge migraine, that finally went away after taking some anti-nausea medicine that induced about a 16 hour sleep.

Now, I have 1 cup of decaf coffee per day. I’m not as jittery and shaky as when I was drinking 1-2 cups of coffee (espresso) each day. I’m still tired – if most of you notice even while drinking caffeine we are still pretty exhausted – I just don’t have the “wired and tired” feeling.

I’m still steadily putting on weight. Overall I eat pretty healthy. I eat a lot of veggies – a huge plateful for breakfast, a good portion of meat/protein throughout the day and a smaller portion of carbohydrates. My veggies are usually roasted or sauteed with olive or coconut oil.

I think the steady weight gain is accumulating because I don’t have the energy to exercise like I did before I was hit with this wall of fatigue and started having these symptoms that lead me to the doctor in the first place. I really miss working out too. I just am unable to exert myself. The smallest amount of exertion, and I pay for it later.


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