So, yes, acupuncture. My primary care doctor referred me to an acupuncturist last October 2014. I was coming in for a routine lab follow-up and still showing no improvement in symptoms. She asked would I be apposed to acupuncture. I definitely was up for it. I desperately needed some kind of help – the T4 and Vitamin D and Multivitamins were just not working for me.

I started seeing David Russell at Russell Family Acupuncture. If you are in Petaluma, I -highly- recommend him. I went into acupuncture completely blind, well apart from the research I read online and talking to a couple people that I knew had experienced acupuncture before. I learned that acupuncture is not just about the needling, it’s also about massage therapy and herbal Chinese medicine.

The thing I love most about my acupuncture sessions is how well David Russell listens to me. He wants to know every detail of my week/since my last visit. What have I experienced symptomatically, how I’ve been feeling, what I’ve been eating, have I been exercising, and so on and so forth. He’s so great about listening to my own personal research, bouncing my own ideas off of, as well as providing me with his own insight and professional opinions.

The needles are intended to open up points of energy, to allow the energy to flow. In Chinese medicine, “chi” or “energy” can become blocked and stagnate throughout the body. The needling points are specific to certain types of energy lines (meridians) that run through the body. David Russell focuses each week on points that correspond to the types of energy issues and symptoms I’ve been having. If I’m having digestive issues, he focuses points to relieve that digestive stagnation. If I’m having headaches he focuses the points that will help support and relieve my headaches.

One of my long standing symptoms with him is my Yin deficiency. The goal is for Yin and Yang to balance, Yin the feminine energy, Yang the masculine energy. My liver pulse is thin, as well as my digestive pulse. However, as of last week he reported my digestive pulse is on the up and up.

David Russell has me on the following herbs/supplements:

Xiao Yao Wan – Xiao Yao Pian (Wan) disperses liver Qi stagnation, as well as regulate menstruation by regulating the secretion of hormones. This helps with my horrible per-menstrual symptoms.

Phyto-ADR – for adrenal, thyroid, energy, & all other types of support.

Stress B-Complex – more adrenal and energy support.

Milk Thistle – liver support.

5-HTP – a necessary precursor for the brain to produce more serotonin, as well as mood enhancement and temperature regulation.

GABA – a chief neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, helps induce relaxation.


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