Thunder and Vitality

I’m starting my new herb formula today! I am very excited/determined, as well as curious. As most of my friends know, despite my thyroid disease diagnoses and vitamin D deficiency treatments and normal lab results – I have still been hugely symptomatic. My acupuncturist, David Russell, has been working closely with Heiner Fruehauf, Ph.D. […]

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I had a whole slew of labs done last week. They took 7 vials of blood!! I’ve not had that much blood taken at once. Needless to say I was woozy and about it out of it that night and somewhat into the next day. My results came back and most everything was good. While […]

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I’m feeling good about my first day on Autoimmune Protocol – AIP. I wanted to celebrate my kick-off, so last night Shawn and I went out to an amazing restaurant. Before our dinner though, we decided to go for a little hike at a local regional park – Helen Putnam Regional Park. I set an […]

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After much resistance, I will be starting the AIP diet on Monday 4/20. That stands for: Auto Immune Protocol diet. I am already gluten free and dairy free (with occasional cheating on dairy) – so I think I can tough this out. By using food as medicine, autoimmune protocol (AIP) followers are able to reduce┬átroublesome […]

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Energy, why hast thou forsaken me? “Low thyroid conditions do not cause people to die. Instead they cause people to feel half-dead, or sometimes to wish they were dead. The symptoms range from annoying to debilitating, with many people experiencing a severity somewhere in between” – Thyroid Power, 10 Steps to Total Health by: Richard […]

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So after waiting 2 weeks + I finally got my lab results back today. I am a little surprised by my TSH level, and a little concerned about my Free T4. This is the first time in all my testing that my TSH level has been in a decent place in the normal range. I […]

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So, yes, acupuncture. My primary care doctor referred me to an acupuncturist last October 2014. I was coming in for a routine lab follow-up and still showing no improvement in symptoms. She asked would I be apposed to acupuncture. I definitely was up for it. I desperately needed some kind of help – the T4 […]

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